About us

Cupffee ltd. was founded in 2014 in Plovdiv from Miroslav Zaprjanov Mladen Dzhalazov and Simeon Gavrilov.
Our team of young, knowledgeable and experimenting Plovdiv is about to change the world forever.
We developed a unique, edible and biodegradable cup of hot and cold drinks. We made her completely from natural and environmentally friendly products - mainly cereals.
It all started back in 2002 already in Plovdiv by Miroslav Zapryanov, who said the idea for the edible cup for coffee and hot drinks with her childhood friend Simeon Gavrilov. Fast and both are covered by the irresistible desire to breathe life into innovation. So after years of unsuccessful attempts row, finally found the right recipe for success. Three years ago the team was joined by another great friend of Miroslav - Mladen Djalazov. Ambitious young people put a lot of money, time and energy to realize their dream. In the summer of 2013 take many actions to transform the idea into a real project. Since then they made a number of studies and experiments and finally gave birth to innovative product called Cupffee. The name is a combination of two English words Cup - cup and coffee - coffee.
Manufacturing machinery are designed and constructed alone, we have used external consultants and people who purely technical to implement our ideas. Many people helped us, for which we are grateful. We are fighting our own forces and resources. It is difficult, but we manage. The fact is that after three years of hard work and a lot of samples achieved the desired result.